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Synergy ©1983 by Uriél Danā.  Bronze & Quartz on Marble.

Life size self portrait of the artists right hand and Gage Taylor’s left hand. The sculpture symbolizes the balance of the male and female energy within each of us. The crystal is the intuitive, spiritual and creative spark that occurs synergistically when the male and female energies are in alignment.

Uriél Danā majored in Sculpture and Museum Management at the College of Marin, Kentfield. COM is known for having one of the best foundries on the West Coast. Many established sculptors return there in exchange for mentoring and assisting younger students.

Uriél was trained in lost wax bronze casting by Richard Miller who designed and cast the famous brass bra for Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi. He later became Head of Lucas Film Sculptural effects after he lost a lung to cancer.  She has maintained her skills by taking occasional courses at The Crucible in W.Oakland, CA.

The original sculpture is mounted on light colored marble and the edition of 12 (numbered inside the right female wrist) is mounted on black. The edition was cast at Artworks Foundry in Berkeley, CA. (This edition is sold out, original in artists private collection). Each of the 1.25” crystal spheres was hand cut and polished from clear or smokey quartz.

“Synergy is posted on my website because it has always been my intention for it to be used for a greater purpose. I see it monumental size in Brussels with reproductions (including a bronze medal) to raise money to rebuild or maintain World Heritage sites. Art is the soul of a country; it is our responsibility to save that heritage for future generations.”