Selected Works

You are about to view three decades of a painters life through a portal. It is a glimpse of works representing a personal evolution as a painter.  I have always considered my art Surrealist in nature. By my own definition, “Surrealism is combining two realities not normally found together”. This is how I have lived my life.

As a child I had a sleeping disorder that resulted in ambulate nightmares; in fact, I walked in my sleep until I was 23 years old. My Mother found probably the only Tibetan Monk on the North Side of Chicago. He taught me to navigate through the mysterious nocturnal worlds I found myself swimming in. Learning to remain conscious while in a sleep state and recognize the dream while awake helped me evolve out of a life controlling sleep disorder. You might say it was the first art I mastered.

Tibetan Dream Yoga has been a part of my daily spiritual practice since I was  nine years old. It has gifted me with a  different way of seeing the world. I am fascinated by people and things that overlap realities. Beauty, mysticism, and sensuality feed me and all adventurers are welcome to enjoy the journey.