In the arts, discrimination continues to be a major issue. Here are some stats from Guerrilla Girls West, the conscience of the art world.

90% of Art Models are Women.

65% of Art Students are Women.

20% of Art Faculty are Women.

Nearly half (45%) of all professional artists are Women.

In “blind” art competitions (where the juror does not know who did the work) the percentage of women artists accepted is consistently close to the percentage of women who enter the competitions.

Art Museums represent an average only 15% of women artists in curated (invitational) exhibits. Minority women .003%.

Only 4% of museum acquisitions are work done by women artists.

Gender clearly over rides quality when gender is known.

Here is a link to a short article I wrote on the world’s warped perception of women in the arts: Women in the Arts: Drawing New Boundaries.

Uriél Danā on a film shoot with Walter Greenbird

Uriél Danā has been a Professional Fine Artist 38 years specializing in oils, gouache, and bronze, and is a Contemporary Figurative Art Curator.

She is an Air Force Veteran and former USIA (State Department) Ambassador to the Arts. She is a graduate of the 2016 Writers Guild of the West (Los Angeles, CA) Veterans Writing Project.

A Contributing Editor on the Arts, Buddhism and Culture, Uriél contributes regularly to online and print magazines in addition to international journals. She has won many awards for her poetry and has been included in two anthologies. For National Poetry Month, April 2020, her poems were  featured on San Francisco’s public radio station, KPFA.

A resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, Uri has lived on three continents and visited 44 countries.


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  2. So unbelievable and yet so true !

  3. So unbelievable and yet so true

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