Handcrafted Beeswax Crayons

Why Technology Will Never Replace the Artist

Our world has gone mad since the 2016 US elections and we are all terrified. We are shellshocked with betrayal. We are filled with fear for our brothers and sisters who can not defend themselves and the violations of a Constitution that threaten all our ancestors gave their lives for. We fear for our planet. I get it. My heart hurts, it’s hard to breathe.

I am a person that holds creativity as one of the highest forms of enlightenment. It is easy to want to give up my daily sharing of artwork and its impact in this time of chaos. Without beauty, empathy and manners we will never survive this.

Without art, we have no modern world.

Artists design our clothes, the packaging our food comes in, the tools in our kitchens and in the garage. Artists design our furniture, and our homes (architecture is one of the fine arts).

Artists design toys and the silly costumes people dress their pets in for Halloween or when its cold. Artists design our video games and the look of the movies we watch. Artists design special effects.

Do not think the tools of the artist can replace the artist.

These are just a few of the jobs that come from fine art training. Art schools (legitimate ones) teach structure, perspective, the chemistry of color, design, composition but most of all develop the area of the brain associated with problem solving and constructive reasoning.

Featured Image: Handcrafted crayons made from Beeswax