Art History

Mona Lisa Craquelure

Craquelure: History’s Crack In Time

Time and climate are not our friends when it comes to paintings or our skin. Craquelure is the network of fine cracks that appear in the skin of a painting. Many things can cause these cracks. Sadly, much like the human face, cracks occurring in the paint layers or ground are usually indicative of age …

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Women Artists

Women In the Arts: Drawing New Boundaries

© Uriél Dana 2017 When I began my painting career artists did not have the luxury of the Internet. We sent slides to galleries and publishers, waiting weeks for our precious and expensive images to be returned in our self addressed and stamped return envelopes. Women artists were not welcomed as they are today. Luckily, …

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Losing Heart

Losing Heart

© Uriél Dana 2015. An artist I know recently threw out years of meticulously produced work. He spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours for an exhibit and no one bought one piece. My heart broke for him because anyone who creates knows how vulnerable that create/share space can be. These are my words …

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