Losing Heart

Losing Heart

© Uriél Dana 2015.

An artist I know recently threw out years of meticulously produced work. He spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours for an exhibit and no one bought one piece. My heart broke for him because anyone who creates knows how vulnerable that create/share space can be.

These are my words to him, myself, and to every artist.

“Art use to make people feel the wonder of life and the connectedness of us all. With PC’s at home and on our phones, an illusion of being alone or separate has taken over.  A gluttony of digital images has made people blind and being accosted with over produced noise has made us deaf.  This psychic water boarding is raping the cultural heart from our world and in 15 years we will be planet IKEA.  Be the caretaker of your own creative treasure for the future”.

You can see more of my artwork here.


Artwork: “Losing Heart“, Uriél Dana, ©2008.  Conté on Board

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